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Collaborative research opportunities at Griffith University open doors to greater innovation and discovery for our higher degree researchers, who are ready to think globally and discover new world solutions.

At Griffith, we undertake significant, socially relevant research with partners from across and beyond the University. This means you'll gain all the advantages of studying at a research-intensive university that fosters industry, community, government, national and international research collaborations—offering you a unique university experience. Griffith researchers are well connected and collaborative, with over 5,000 national partners and over 200 international research agreements.

From what could be the world’s first malaria vaccine—now at human trial stage—to the first photo of a single atom’s shadow, Griffith researchers are at the forefront of discovery. Analysis of Excellence in Research for Australia 2018 found 99% of our research outputs were returned in disciplines rated at world standard or above. Working in our world-class research centres, institutes and schools, our researchers are driven to better understand our world and improve people’s lives. With research expertise spanning everything from violence prevention to lowering the cost of health care to using quantum physics for cybersecurity to protecting our fragile coastlines, Griffith researchers are tackling some of the big questions of the day.

Explore multidisciplinary collaborations with researchers across our 30+ research centres and institutes, exploring extensive varied discipline areas. Learn from more than 1,700 experts across a broad range of disciplines who will help you pursue your research interests. We're building research and teaching infrastructure based on areas of strategic priority. With $320 million being invested in campus developments over the next five years, you'll benefit from world-class research and teaching facilities.

Research areas

From what could be the world’s first malaria vaccine - now at human trial stage - to the first photo of a single atom’s shadow, Griffith researchers are at the forefront of discovery. Working in our world-class research centres, institutes and schools, our researchers are driven to better understand our world and improve people’s lives. Our research strengths span a broad spectrum of areas, from chronic diseases to criminology and Asian politics to the arts.

  • Water science
  • Drug discovery and infectious diseases
  • Asian politics, security and development
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Criminology and crime prevention
  • Music, the Arts and the Asia Pacific
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Health and chronic diseases
  • Physical sciences
  • Environmental sciences
  • Nursing
  • Education

Available funding options

We offer very generous PhD and research degree scholarships each year to help you with tuition and the cost of living for the duration of your research study.
Scholarships can cover tuition fees, living allowances paid as stipends, relocation and thesis allowances. Other scholarships may be offered throughout the year, which are funded by Griffith academic areas or external funding bodies.
You can can apply for one of two exclusive scholarships at any time during the year through GOstralia. All applicants can also apply for a Griffith University scholarship and the majority of scholarships are awarded in the annual scholarship round which opens at the beginning of July and closes mid-September each year. You can view the annual scholarship round closing dates on the key dates website here.

You can find information about how to apply here, including tips of how to find a supervisor.
We have developed a helpful scholarship application tips website.

Search for a PhD or research degree scholarship now:
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“It was always my dream to study both Psychology and Criminology. In my own country [Germany], there was only one university offering this degree. So, when I started to search for universities, Griffith immediately stood out as the School of Criminology is internationally recognised and in the top 5%. This was the reason I applied to Griffith initially, but I chose Griffith because there was simply no other university that made me feel so welcome and appreciated as Griffith did from the very first moment of contact. I felt incredibly supported throughout my undergraduate degree and was more than thrilled to be recognised by Griffith as a good student and to receive multiple awards and scholarships along the way. My experiences at Griffith during the undergraduate degree were so pleasant that I decided to continue my postgraduate studies here as well."
Natalja Nabinger de Diaz, PhD Candidate, School of Applied Psychology

“I just wanted to keep following the thread and see where it leads me. I've had opportunities to meet and learn from so many amazing people who are experts in their fields, both from within the Institute and outside through collaborations. Most of all though, it's the students and supervisors who have made my experience so great. This is a wonderful place to do your postgraduate degree. I would recommend it to anybody who is planning on pursuing their Higher Degree by Research, especially if you are interested in the chemistry behind drug discovery.”

Maria Addellyn Kasherman, PhD Candidate, Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD)

Maria is doing her PhD under the supervision of Dr Michael Weible II. She is looking at the regenerative qualities of the adult brain, specifically looking at the possible signalling mechanisms that regulate the proliferation and differentiation processes. Maria completed her undergraduate degree at Griffith University, where she met her supervisor. While undertaking a short undergraduate project she fell in love with research. That project led to an Honours project, and in turn to a PhD.